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Members of the Rocky Hill Congregational Church owned slaves. There is evidence remaining today that slaves were segregated in the balcony area known as the "slave galley". A portion of that area can be found in the balcony behind a closed door next to the choir loft entrance. See picture to your far right ------->


Click the red link to the right to read a short history of the era by Town Historian Bob Herron.

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Ruby Bridges, the little girl pictured in this famous painting by Norman Rockwell which depicts her first day of school in a soon to be integrated school in Mississippi just published a new book Ruby Bridges This Is Your Time.  NPR's Scott Simon interviewed her on NPR.  Click here to listen to the six minute interview.

This Is Your TimeNPR's Scott Simon Interviews Ruby Bridges
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Did you know that Martin Luther King had a history with Simsbury, Connecticut?  Click this link to find out more.